Ask ten different people on a birthday party who Robin Joshua van den Breul is, and you will hear unanimously that Robin is a passionate, almost obsessed freelance photo- and videographer! But, if you’ll ask some more questions, you’ll definitely get ten different answers. From founding father of the 100& beer- and winechallence, selfmade VW T4 bus-man, globetrotter, co-owner Roersteel (start-up in industrial designproducts), upcyclist and kitchen designer.

You get that the birthday party is not going to be boring like this. All these initiatives can use a bit of explaining and shape their own story in the process. Beter said; the bigger picture. It is not more that logical that I, during all my travels, want to capture all beautiful people and moments and not want to let this go when coming home.

And what makes a better match than learning by doing in the area of photo- and videography, something I practice a lot. Add to that my large network filled with creative entrepreneurs, who’ve learned me a lot, and I can take on any challenge with regards to photo- and videography. Sounds like a party!